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Charles Berkhouse is a 3rd generation veteran who served in the Navy during desert shield.

He felt a strong desire to shift out of the military and corporate lifestyle to bring music in to this world.

Charles Berkhouse | At the Berkhouse House
Charles Berkhouse | Pr1me Cre8tor
Fire Watch 1144 | mix set by Charles Berkhouse
Set BEATCON 3 NOW! | Mixset by Charles Berkhouse
Check out my interview on Radio Play Today
Lunar Lunacy (Chandra Grahan 2021) | Mixset by Charles Berkhouse
Chil and Vibe in the Blue Vortex | Chill Mixset
Electronic Supreme | Cornucopia of Sound
Charles Berkhouse | YouTube
No One Told Me Romance Died Remixes | BerkhouseSnyder
Robert Charles III classica piano and beats bass electronic dance music hot beats
Robert Charles III / classica
Nebula Ep
Charles Berkhouse | Songwhip
Mix Set One Charles Berkhouse EDM elm dj set with indie label
Listen to Mix Set One NOW!
classica (renaissance of the future remix)
Chill Vol 1 featuring Charles Berkhouse and Royale Blue chill beats synth synth wave synthwave
Chill Vol.1.0
Berkhouse Snyder No One Told Me Romance Died full disclosure house mix hot dance house deep bass
No One Told Me Romance Died (Full Disclosure House Mix)
Charles Berkhouse featuring H'Atina respect my journey remixes dance gospel pop
Journey (Respect My Journey Remixes)
Unsociable ep
Journey (Through the Cosmos Mix)
soredake remixes
soredake microscopic dub announced by Charles himself!
soredake electron flow announced by Charles himself!

Mixsets by Charles | Updated 11.21.21
the guy with the centered eye remixes hiphop rap featuring Royale blue and grandfather earth
the Guy With the Centered Eye Remixes
Break Away Charles Berkhouse
Break Away

Robert Charles III

potential zero remixes berkhlousesnyder berkhouse Snyder BerkhouseSnyder
Potential Zero
All Real ep uplifting edm Charles berkhouse
All Real ep
the Synthetic Divide fear of the synthetic divide dm dance glitch
Fear of the Synthetic Divide
The Synthetic Divide Convert to Human Ep dance electronic edm techno
Convert to Human ep
the Synthetic Divide Synthesize and Divide electronic music edm
Synthesize and Divide
The Synthetic Divide SoundCloud Playlist
Hologram Shining on My Heart
All System Go (underground lair mix)
Potential Zero (Sing to the Fireflies at Night Remix)
Zero 2 Hero Remixes
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Kiss Me One Last Time Arms around my waist remix jungle dance music EDM edm 1333 Productions
Kiss Me One last Time (Arms Around My Waist Remix)
Kiss Me One Last Time Charles Berkhouse pop dance dm
Kiss Me One last Time
take away my everything trance Rez bass sounds like Tiesto
Take Away My Everything
it's hard to change the world Katie Janes and Berkhousesnyder
Hard to Change (The World) ft BerkhouseSnyder
Swim While Breathing in Remixes


Electronic Obscurities
the Mothership
Robert Charles III
Robert Charles III / RC3 ep
It’s All Quite Shocking

Cornucopia of Sound hiphop rap beats hot Royale blue soundlab grandfather earth
Bimbobo (Mash-up Mix)
we're gone female vocal dance
we’re gone
spare us the whole epilogue dance male vocal song Charles berkhouse
Spare Us the Whole Epilogue
Don’t Ask Why Remixes
Don’t Ask Why (Radio Edit)
The Awakening

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the Synthetic Divide

Humbot Wreath

Cornucopia of Sound

More About Charles

Raising Awareness Through Music and Art

About US

1333 Productions is an Independent Record Label, located in Irwin, Pa, producing original dance music and remixes.

Bringing you the best in Electronic Music Production on the Interwebs of the Matrix. Access your favorite releases NOW! Prime numbers and awesome music!

Access the label SoundCloud from the link below. And check out our #MERCH too!

Humans are not commodities to be traded or sold. Humans are one with the Cosmos and part of the Creative Force. A society that preys on it’s children, preys on itself. #savethechildren

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